Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Princess Giovanna: update on health

October 2, 1923

Princess Giovanna appears to be doing better, according to a telegram sent by King Vittorio Emanuele to Premier Mussolini.

"The prognosis, though still very reserved, leaves room for greater hope,
 reports the New York Times, quoting an excerpt of the telegram.

The news from Racconigi is "distinctly more hopeful," and doctors are "unanimous" in believing that Princess Giovanna will regain her health, unless further complications arise.

Princess Jolanda has left Racconigi, without being able to visit her sister.  The doctors refused to allow her to visit Giovanna due to the "danger of infection."

Princess Mafalda, who became ill at the same time as her sister, is now in the "convalescence state."   She was not told about the seriousness of Giovanna's condition although she "guessed it from the anxious atmosphere" at Racconigi palace.

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