Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Prince George of Cambridge's baptism today

Kensington Palace has released the names of Prince George's seven godparents:|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)&__utmv=-&__utmk=218698649

Oliver Barker went to St. Andrews with the Duke of Cambridge

Mrs. David Jardine-Paterson (nee Emilia  Erlanger) went to Marlborough College with the Duchess of Cambridge

Earl Grosvenor, son and heir of the Duke of Westminster

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton (former Private Secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, now serves part-time.  His son was one of the pages at the Cambridge royal wedding.)

The Hon. Mrs. Michael Samuel (Julia Samuel was a close friend of the late Diana, Princess of Wales).   The former Julia Aline Guinness is the wife of the Hon. Michael Samuel, younger son of the 4th Viscount Bearsted.  Her older Sabrina, once described as the It girl, dated the Prince of Wales in 1979.  The late Diana, Princess of Wales was the godmother of Julia and Michael's son, Benjamin.

Mrs. Michael Tindall (Zara Phillips) daughter of the Princess Royal and first cousin to the Duke of Cambridge

Mr. William van Cutsem (childhood friend of the Duke of Cambridge.)

Lord Grosvenor, 22, is the son of the Duke and Duchess of Westminster.  The Duke is one of the wealthiest men in the United Kingdom.   The Duke and Duchess of Westminster are active supporters of numerous charities.  The Duke once said: "I will use my name. I will use it ruthlessly. If you are given a lot, I think you should give a lot back," the duke said in a May 1989 interview with the Associated Press.  At that time, he said he devoted about one-third of his time to charity work.

The Duke said "We still have a lot to do with those who have been left behind in the march toward prosperity."

Lord Grosvenor is the third of four children.  He has two older sisters, Lady Tamara, who is married to Edward van Cutsem, brother of William, and Lady Edwina is the wife of historian Dan Snow.  The late Diana, Princess of Wales was one of Lady Edwina's godmothers.  Edward van Cutsem is a godson of the Prince of Wales.

 He also has a younger sister, Lady Viola.

Lord Grosvenor is also a distant kinsman of the Duke of Cambridge.  The Duchess of Westminster -- who is one of William's godmothers -- was born Natalia Phillips, youngest daughter of Gina Wernher and Harold Phillips.  Gina (whose second husband, Sir George Kennard, Bt) was one of Queen Elizabeth's closest friends.  Lady Kennard was one of the Duke of York's godmothers. 
Gina Wernher was one of three children of Sir Harold Wernher, Bt., and Lady Zia Torby, who was the elder daughter of Grand Duke Michael Mikhailovich of Russia and his morganatic wife, Countess Sophie Torby (nee Merenberg), a granddaughter of the Russian poet Pushkin.  Gina's only brother, Alexander,killed in the second world war, was the Duke of Edinburgh's closest friend.  

Lady Zia's younger sister, Nada, married Prince George of Battenberg (2nd Marquess of Milford Haven), son of Princess Victoria, who was the Duke of Edinburgh's grandmother.  George's only son, David, 3rd Marquess of Milford Haven, was Philip's best man.

The Prince of Wales is one of Lord Grosvenor's godparents.  Lord Grosvenor was baptized on June 22, 1991 at Eaton Chapel.   Lord Grosvenor also shares the same place of birth as the Duke of Cambridge and Prince George: the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington.

It also should be noted the Lady Zia and Sir Harold were among the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh's closest friends.


Bill said...

Prince George of Battenberg was the son, not brother, of Princess Victoria & Prince Louis of Battenberg. He was an uncle to Prince Phillip and the brother of Lord Mountbatten, Princess Alice & Queen Louise of Sweden

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Yes, I do know that ... caught my mistake hours ago .typing way to fast .. thanks for playing.