Wednesday, October 16, 2013

George and Elizabeth to visit Roosevelt

October 16, 1938

A British newspaper, the Daily Herald, said today that King George VI will make  a state visit to the United States "at the end of his Canadian tour next spring, reports the New York Times.  The official announcement will be made "in his speech from the throne at the opening of Parliament November 8."

The British Embassy in Washington and the United States State Department were "arranging a provisional program" to be approved by the King and President Roosevelt.

The program would include a state dinner and ball at the White House, "a state reception by Congress at the Capitol, a dinner and reception given by King George and Queen Elizabeth at the British Embassy in honor of President Roosevelt and Mrs. Roosevelt." 

The plans also include a visit to Mount Vernon and George Washington's grave. 

On their return to London, the king and queen will also visit Bermuda.

This will be first British sovereign to visit the United States.  Two Princes of Wales have visited the United States,  The future Edward VII visited several American cities, including New York and Washington, D.C., before the Civil War, and his grandson, then Prince of Wales, now the Duke of Windsor, visited the United States on three occasions, shortly after the end of the World War in 1923 and a year later.

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth are expected to charter the Empress of Britain, the 42,000 ton flagship of the Canadian Pacific fleet.

Officials at the White House and the State Department have "no word, official or unofficial" of the reported visit by the King and Queen.   The British Embassy also said "they had no information on the matter."

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