Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Glimpses of the Russian Imperial Family

A dear friend of mine, Mark, recently visited Russia, and brought me back a nice selection of modern cards of the Russian Imperial family.  Thanks so much, Mark.

Nicholas II and Alexis on the Standart 1913

Alexis circa 1915-1916

Alexis with a watering can 1911

Alexandra 1913

Alexis on the Standart 1907

Alexander III

Grand Duchess Maria on the Standart 1906

Nicholas II and children on Standart 1912

Nicholas II and Alexandra and Olga 1895

Nicholas II hunting at Spala 1912

Nicholas II on the Imperial Train 1917

Olga and Tatiana in the uniform of their regiments 1910

Olga and Tatiana as nurses 1916

Nicholas II on board the Polar Star early 1900s

Nicholas II 1900

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