Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Princess Juliana baptized

June 5, 1909

Princess Juliana of the Netherlands, the infant daughter of Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Hendrik, reports the New York Times.   The princess was baptized "in the Lutheran Church to-day, the ceremonial being extremely simple."

The royal guests occupied the front rows of the church in the Hague.  Government officials and members of the diplomatic corps were also present.

The baptismal font was made of "silver, fashioned in Gothic style."  Following the "long sermon," based on the Gospel of St. Luke,  the infant princess was presented by her mother for baptism.  

The choir "chanted the 134th Psalm."

Shortly before the ceremony, the Queen and her husband, were driven to the church in a carriage, "which ran into another vehicle."  It took some time for the horses to be disentangled, leading to some confusion.  Queen Wilhelmina "remained cool throughout the incident" and emerged from the carriage "amid the cheers of those present."

[note: I believe the New York Times got it wrong about the faith.  Juliana would have been baptized according to the rites of the Reformed Church, which bears some similarity to the Lutheran faith.]

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