Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another grandchild for Princess Caroline?

One should be surprised, but one isn't ... really.  I am not surprised about Charlotte Casiraghi, elder daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco.  The very beautiful 26-year-old, who has competed in international show jumping events, and represents Gucci's equestrian clothing line, is apparently with child.  

No official confirmation from Princess Caroline's office, but it does appear that Charlotte, who has been dating French-Moroccan actor-stand up comedian Gad Elmaleh, 41, has an expanding waist line.

Miss Casiraghi has apparently not competed since April.    Getting pregnant before the wedding is a tradition in the Grimaldi family.

Prince Rainier III's mother, Princess Charlotte (for whom Charlotte Casiraghi was named) was the natural daughter of Louis II and an entertainer Marie Juliette Louvet.  They never married.  Albert I legitimate his granddaughter so she could become the heir to the throne.

Rainier's older sister,  Princess Antoinette, bore three children, Elisabeth-Anne, Christian and Christine-Alix, out of wedlock between 1947 and 1951.  The father of the three children was Alexandre Noghés, a Monagesque lawyer and tennis player.  They married in December 1951, several months after the birth of their youngest child.  They divorced three years later, and Antoinette married two more times.

Princess Caroline has been married three times. Her first marriage to Philippe Junot ended in divorce.  No issue.  She was already pregnant with her first child, Andrea, when she married Stefano Casiraghi in December 1983.   Andrea was born in June 1984.

Stefano was killed in a boating accident in October 1990.    In January 1999, Caroline married Prince Ernst August of Hanover.  Their daughter, Princess Alexandra, was born seven months later.

Andrea, who could end up as the Sovereign Prince of Monaco if Uncle Al does not produce a legitimate heir, recently became the father of a son, Sacha, born in London in March.  He lives with the baby mama, Tatiana Santo Domingo.  They have talked about marriage, but so far no wedding bells.

Princess Stephanie, the youngest child of Prince Rainier and his American wife, Grace Kelly,  has two children, Louis (1992) and Pauline (1994) by her former bodyguard, Daniel Ducret.   They married in 1995, and were divorced a year later.   Stephanie also has a daughter, Camille, whose father is said to be Jean Raymond Gottlieb.  Camille was born in 1998. 

Prince Albert has two acknowledged natural children:  Jazmin Grimaldi, born in California, in March 1992, and Alexandre Coste, born in August 2003.


Susan said...

Marlene, love your last comment!

John said...

I guess that is truly what it is: a family tradition. Seems odd this just keeps carrying over from generation to next, but we live in modern times and plenty of people have babies before (or without) marriage. On the other hand, the perpetuation of this tradition doesn't help with the reputation of the Principality as a jet set glamour capital of sexy intrique. Maybe we'd like it no other way though, it does remind me of 80's TV show 'Dynasty' haha.

Charlotte is lovely indeed.