Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More squabbles between the duke and duchess of Orleans

June 5, 1913

The Duke of Orleans' Paris office has issued a statement denying certain "outrageous fables" that have been published "in connection with the Duchess's alimony suit in Brussels," reports the New York Times.

The Duke also asserts that the cause of his marital problems was that "he did not wish to live with his mother-in-law in Austria."

He also makes clear that the Duchess is "in possession of everything belonging to her.  He has never had access to her dowry of $240,000 has been in a London bank since the death of the Duchess' father, Archduke Josef, but the Duchess recently closed the account and moved the funds to Austria.

The Duchess did not receive anything in her father's will.

Two years ago, the Duchess of Orleans left her marital home in Wood Norton, in England, and went to live with her mother in Austria.  She states she plans to live their "permanently." The Duchess does not desire "a judicial separation," but she is seeking $16,000 in alimony.

The Duke has no desire to take up residence at Alcsuch Castle with his mother-in-law, Archduchess Clothilde.  He plans to live in Belgium or Sicily.  He owns property in both countries.

He has not acceded to his wife's demands, due to the "abnormal conditions" attached to the Duchess' request.  The Duke considers these requests to be "contrary to the customs of the House of Orleans."

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