Thursday, June 13, 2013

Alfonso signs renounciation

June 13, 1933

The Prince of Asturias, eldest son of the former King Alfonso XIII of Spain, today renounced his "royal rights" in favor of his brother, Don Jaime, the Associated Press reports.

The AP learned of the renunciation from a highly placed Spanish source. 

The younger Alfonso will soon marry Cuban commoner Edelmira Sampedro.  King Alfonso had asked the Duke of Miranda to go to Lausanne to "make a final effort to induce"  Infante Alfonso to "abandon the marriage."

The Prince refused to be swayed, but agreed to renounce his rights to the throne. 

Don Jaime now becomes the Prince of Asturias "and any rights pertaining to the title."

The marriage between Alfonso and Eldemira will take place in Lausanne after all the "technicalities are smoothed out."

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