Thursday, June 13, 2013

Prince Peter: another statement regarding interest in throne

June 13, 1903

Before leaving his home in Geneva for the country, Prince Peter Karageorgevitch, who was proclaimed King of Serbia by Army officers following the assassinations of King Alexander and Queen Draga, spoke exclusively to the Los Angeles Times.

It now seems more likely that the Prince will be formally elected king by Serbia's Parliament.

Before leaving for the country, the Prince said:  "I am deeply gratified at the interest taken in American in my affairs, as little Serbia is so far removed from America, with no political interests in common.

"But my enemies would be quick to take advantage of any indiscreet utterance I might make, I can say little at present.   I consider myself at this moment simply a foreigner living in Geneva.

"I expect to secrete myself in the country away from my friends, as well as other people, until Tuesday, after the decision of the Skuptschina.  The I shall make a proclamation.

"I have telegraphed to my brother-in-law, the King of Italy, asking him to counsel me in deciding whether it is best to renounce my rights in favor of my son, George.  I have had no communication with the Czar.  The only reason why it might be best to make my son King is that he could start fresh and without enemies it would be impossible for me not to make.  But in that case I should expect to be appointed regent during his minority.  I desire only what is best for my unhappy country."

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