Sunday, June 9, 2013

Modern Montenegro

I will be writing more about my visit to Montenegro, but just wanted to share a few of the modern postcards (reprints) that I found for sale in the little church near the palace in Cetinje. I also found royal fridge magnets.


Johan said...

It would be interesting to know who is in the top 2 photos. I see King Nicholas & Queen Milena, King Victor Emmanuel III & his wife Elena, and Prince Alexander (later King Alexander of Yugoslavia) and his beautiful sister Princess Helen of Serbia (Princes Ioanovich of Russia).
Seems bad that the Royal family of Montenegro was deposed by his son-in-law (King Peter). Altough I think the Serbian Royals paid a pension to the Montenegroin Royals after they were deposed.
Later during World War II, Italy occupied parts of Yugoslavia. I wonder how relations was between the Yugoslav Royals and their Italian cousins.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

the two top are from 1910 when Nikola became king - the photos are of the king and queen and their children and their spouses.