Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Russian bride for the Prince of Wales

December 9, 1934

Russian monarchist circles in Paris are "bubbling with excitement over the rumors" that Grand Duchess Kira, younger daughter of Grand Duke Kirill and Grand Duchess Victoria of Russia, has become "extremely chummy with the Prince of Wales," reports the Chicago Tribune.

According to the Russians who attended the recent wedding of Princess Marina of Greece to the Duke of Kent,  the Prince of Wales "showed such mark attentiveness" to Grand Duchess Kira, who was one of Marina's bridesmaids.

Kira, 25, and the Duchess of Kent are first cousins.  She was "received with "exceptional cordiality" by King George V and Queen Mary at an "intimate family tea."

It is also understood that Grand Duke Kirill and Grand Duchess Victoria have invited the heir to the British throne to their "modest villa," at St. Briac in Brittany.  It is not known if the Prince of Wales has accepted the invitation.

Sources close to Grand Duke Kirill "declare flatly" that the announcement of Kira's engagement to the "incorrigible bachelor" Prince of Wales "may be expected any day."

Others are more skeptical.  The marriage would have to be a "real love match" as Kira's parents are about "the poorest crownless crown heads in Europe."

The family also has no real "political importance."  Former King Alfonso XIII of Spain did not consider Kira as "promising enough" for his eldest son, the Prince of Asturias,  who later renounced his rights to marry a Cuban commoner.

Grand Duchess Kira was said to be "madly in love" with a Bourbon prince.  She previously "turned down" an offer of marriage from King Boris of Bulgaria, who married Princess Giovanna of Italy in 1930.

She is described as "essentially a home girl, of the old fashioned model."  But it is unlikely that she will become engaged to the Prince of Wales.  The family is closely related as Grand Duchess Victoria and King George V are first cousins.

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