Monday, October 7, 2013

Uncle Sixtus slams Prince Jame's marriage

© Jeroen van der Meyde
Sounds like Uncle Sixtus is a little miffed about not being invited to the marriage of his nephew, Prince Jaime of Bourbon-Parma, who married Hungarian-born lawyer, Viktoria Cservenyák on Saturday in Apeldoorn. 

Prince Sixtus, who has never married, has issued a statement claiming that the marriage is morganatic, according to Spanish and Parmese dynastic laws.  He also states that Viktoria and her children will not have the right to the Bourbon-Parma titles.

[I received the official release on Tuesday afternoon. " In Apeldoorn, on Saturday, 5 October 2013, James of Bourbon-Parma and Lippe-Biesterfeld, who could be the legitimate claimant to the throne of the Spains, has married Miss Viktória Cservenyák, a Hungarian lawyer.

According to Spanish dynastic regulations, which apply to the House of Parma, the eventual offspring of the said marriage shall be entirely deprived of any rights of succession to the Crown. As for Viktória Cservenyák, she cannot legitimately hold or use any royal or ducal titles, whether Spanish or Parmesan.

Madrid, October the sixth, two thousand and thirteen.

Political Secretariat of HRH Sixtus Henry of Bourbon"]

Thankfully, for the House of Bourbon-Parma,  Prince  Sixtus, the younger brother of the late Prince Carlo Hugo, Duke of Parma, is not the head of the family.

The late Duke was succeeded by his elder son, Prince Carlo, who also married a commoner.  The marriage was approved by the Duke, who died shortly after the civil marriage took place. 

This marriage has the approval of the present Duke of Parma, who happens to be the groom's older brother.

The groom is the son of Princess Irene of the Netherlands, and, thus a first cousin of King Willem-Alexander.


Rose British said...

Very funny, the uncle Sixtus. I'm pretty sure he hadn't mades so much stuff when the current Duke of Parma get married.

Why ? Because his big brother was still head of family and he shouldn't want to be in more trouble with him than he was already.

Even more funny that he made a statement : we can't even tell that he want to advantage his lineage, he doesn't have any !

By the way, didn't spanish succession laws have been changed with Juan Carlos's children "morganatic" marriages. (morganatic is, a term which was/is technically used only by German and East Europenan royals & princely families)

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Sixtus has devoted his life to Carlism. As his older brother strayed from the traditional vlew, even supporting socialism, many traditional Carlists supported Sixtus as the heir after the death of their father, Xavier, in 1977. He was supported by his mother, and his sister, Francoise. He hoped that one of Carlo Hugo's sons would return to the traditionalist fold. Not sure about the other sisters, and their support.