Monday, January 28, 2013

This will make you laugh ..

Thanks, Bella, for making me laugh for the day .. do you not have professional researchers working for you ...

in other words, your show will be like Secret Princes, who were not Princes at all ...

The name of the production company is called Objective Productions.  (Insert guffaw.)

"Hi there

I'm a TV Producer Casting for a US TV show and we're looking for single, male royals or titled aristocrats aged 20-40 to take part.

Can anyone suggest possible candidates I can approach?

Senior royals from ruling families are always a NO for TV appearances, but lesser cousins or distant descendants of the family might be perfect if they still have titles and connections. We are also keen to took at non-ruling royal families, such as those from Germany, France etc where the monarchy no longer exists but its descendants still have their titles and estates.

If you can suggest possible people - and even better suggest how I might be able to get hold of them, that would be hugely helpful!
Bella Falk
Objective Productions"

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