Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saxon Crown Prince to renounce titles

According to the Chicago Daily Tribune, which is basing its report on dispatches from the "provincial and Bavarian" newspapers,  Crown Prince Friedrich August of Saxony is "determined" to renounce his rights to the throne in favor of his ten-year-old son, Prince Georg.

The reason for this decision is said to be rooted in the "military code of honor" which does not permit a "husband wronged as he has to remain in the service."

Crown Prince Friedrich August is the commander of the first army corps of Saxony, and as king, he would become the commander of the entire Saxony military force. 

According to the code, the Crown Prince can require a challenge for the "laying aside of his uniform."  But he is "scarcely expected" to challenge Professor Andre Giron, his children's tutor, who has run off with the Crown Princess. 

The army is "so rigid on points of honor" that Crown Prince Friedrich August will be regarded as "ineligible" for a court review, even though he is seen as the innocent party in Crown Princess Luise's decision to elope with their children's tutor.  But the residents of Dresden are reported to be "cool" toward the Crown Prince.  Several days ago, he was about to enter a store to make a few purchases, when his carriage was surrounded by people, who called to him, asking for the return of the Crown Princess.

"We want our Princess Luise again," they cried.

The Rheinische Courier, a Wiesbaden newspaper, is reporting that the Crown Prince has already renounced his "right of succession," and a Berlin newspaper, the Morgen Post, reports that he has asked Kaiser Wilhelm II to "relieve him of all military positions."

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