Thursday, January 24, 2013

Royal Marriage: Austria-Württemberg

January 24, 1893

Archduchess Margarete Sophie of Austria and Duke Albrecht of Württemberg were married today at the Church of the Hofrath in Vienna, reports the New York Times.

The wedding was "one of great brilliancy," and was attended by Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, several Archdukes and Archduchesses, the King and Queen of Württemberg and members of the royal family of Württemberg.

After the couple made their vows and were pronounced husband and wife,  they kissed the hand of the King and Queen of Württemberg.

Archduchess Margarete Sophie, 22, is the eldest daughter of Archduke Carl Ludwig and Princess Maria Annunciata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies.   Duke Albrecht is the son of Duke Philipp of Württemberg and Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria.  Duke Albrecht is a maternal grandson of Field Marshal, Archduke Albrecht.

Margarete was recently the abbess "of a retreat in Prague for poor ladies of aristocratic birth.  Duke Albrecht was born in Vienna in 1866.  He serves as a Captain in the Württemberg cavalry, and is a member of the Roman Catholic dynasty.

He is also seen as the heir presumptive to the Württemberg throne, as the King has no sons, and the next two males in line, Dukes Wilhelm and Nikolaus, are childless.

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