Monday, January 7, 2013

Report: Duke of Connaught to be Serbian king

January 7, 1909

In an exclusive dispatch, the Los Angeles Times is reporting on the rumors appearing in the Vienna press regarding King Peter of Serbia.

The reports say that the King is "likely to resign," and the national assembly will convene and "offer the crown" to the Duke of Connaught, younger brother of King Edward VII.

The Duchess of Connaught would become "the prettiest Queen in the world," as she is now "one of the most beautiful princesses."

It is understood that these rumors have originated "in the close relations" between Downing Street and the Belgrade government.  For three years, the British government would not have anything to do with Serbia until King Peter "would guarantee that the regicides held no part in the government."

With Serbia's "blot on her name" removed,  she could now work to "consummate an alliance with Bulgaria, after the country becomes free of Ottoman rule, and Montenegro.

There are already dynastic ties between Serbia and Montenegro. 

The British Foreign Office approves of the alliance between the three Slavic countries.

The Duke of Connaught has already turned down one throne.  He renounced  his right of succession to the throne of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha following the death of his older brother, Prince Alfred, who died without surviving male issue.

It remains to be seen if King Peter can retain his throne, or abdicate, and a new king, perhaps the Duke of Connaught,  will take his place.

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