Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Princess Marie has arrived for her wedding

January 8, 1893

Sigmaringen has been decorated "in honor" of the marriage of Princess Marie of Edinburgh to Crown Prince Ferdinand of Romania.

Accompanied by her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh,  Princess Marie arrived earlier today from Coburg.  They arrived by train at 1 p.m., this afternoon.'

The station and platform were "tastefully decorated in their honor."  Many royal guests and officials were on board the train, which arrived nineteen minutes late.

Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern, the groom's father, greeted the Duchess of Edinburgh "with much cordiality."  He kissed her on both cheeks and said: "Ah, you have come in such cold weather."

Prince Ferdinand was also waiting anxiously on the platform, and he greeted his future wife with "hearty kisses."

Princess Marie was dressed in a "tan-colored travelling cloak heavily trimmed with fur."

All the church bells pealed in honor of Princess Marie's arrival.  The streets leading to Schloss Sigmaringen have been decorated with "arches and flags," and "were filled with enthusiastic crowds."

This evening,  Crown Prince Ferdinand and Princess Marie, accompanied her her sister, were present for a performance at the Hof Theatre.   The seventeen-year-old bride to be, wore a "gown of white satin, a pearl necklace, and a diamond brooch."

The couple will have wedding ceremonies on January 10, as Crown Prince Ferdinand is Roman Catholic and Princess Marie is a member of the Church of England. 

The  Roman Catholic ceremony will take place first, and the ceremony "will be full choral."  The second ceremony will take place in the town's small Protestant church.

Princess Marie will not have any bridesmaids, although she will be supported by her sisters.  She will be given away by her father.   Crown Prince Ferdinand's best man will be his brother.

Kaiser Wilhelm II will be in Sigmaringen to attend the wedding.   The Duke and Duchess of Connaught will represent Queen Victoria.

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