Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pope accuses Bulgarians of breaking a promise

January 16, 1933

The Vatican issued today at "semi-official statement" in which King Boris III and Queen Giovanna are "flatly accused of breaking" a verbal and a written promise to the Pope before their marriage, agreeing to raising all of their children in the Roman Catholic faith, reports the New York Times.

This would not be the first cause for complaint of the Bulgarian king and Queen.  In his Christmas speech in 1930, the Pope "referred in strong terms" to the Orthodox wedding, which took place in Sofia, after the the Roman Catholic wedding in Assisi.

The Pope may see this second offense as "much graver" and may choose to "stigmatize it publicly."

The announcement of the  engagement of King Boris to Princess Giovanna of Italy was postponed several times because the Vatican would not consent to the marriage as King Boris is an Orthodox Christian.

According to reports, Boris and Giovanna eventually "bound themselves verbally and in writing to raise their children in the Roman Catholic faith.  With this agreement in hand, the Pope lifted the ecclesiastical opposition.

The Vatican was called off guard by the Orthodox wedding, and is now "pained and surprised" by the the baptism of Princess Maria Luisa in the Orthodox Church.

The Vatican's statement notes that the baptism was "held as a surprise" as it took place in a private chapel" with only a few guests.  This may mean that Queen Giovanna, still recovering from the birth, may not have known in advance about the baptism.  But, in the eyes of the Vatican, this does not make the "incident less deplorable."

It has been denied that Msgr Roncalli, the apostolic delegate in Sofia, will be asked to intervene.  He is in Bulgaria as a religious representative, and not diplomat.  His relationship with the King is "purely personal."

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Timothy said...

M. Roncalli is the future Pope John XXIII.