Friday, January 25, 2013

Official Statement about the Legal Transfer of HM King Peter II to Serbia

Belgrade, 25 January 2013 - The following statement has been prepared by the Office of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander to respond to some reckless statements and misleading information published in the press in Serbia and commented on line.

The exhumation and transfer of HM King Peter II was strictly done following legal advice and according to the appropriate rules and regulations as relate to these matters in the State of Illinois, United States where King Peter II was buried in 1970.

This is to confirm that under Illinois State law whatever notice was required was fully observed. According to that law Crown Prince Alexander, as HM King Peter II only immediate heir, had proper and full authority to initiate and complete the exhumation and transfer of the remains of the late King Peter II as advised by his Chicago based legal counsel Thomas J. Karacic.

According to United States laws, Princess Eva Marie Karageogevitch’s authority as executor of the estate of King Peter II fully expired at the time the estate was closed by a state court in 1980 and she was, therefore, at that time totally legally discharged from any further responsibility and duties.

The Serbian Orthodox Church Diocese of the Mid-West United States, which is the administrative authority of the cemetery in Libertyville Illinois, had notice and concurred with the proceedings. The United States Ambassador in Serbia and the Serbian Ambassador in the United States both also had knowledge of the entire proceedings.

The focus of the move of HM King Peter II was intended to be on the return and welcome of the remains of to Serbia, to the Royal Palace Chapel in Dedinje and HM King Peter II final rightful resting place at the Royal Mausoleum at Oplenac. An important aspect of all of this will be the long overdue State Funeral of HM King Peter II, later this year, as befitting a former Head of State. As HM King Peter II was a Head of State of an Allied country during World War II those countries will now be able to send their official Royal, civil and military representatives to HM King Peter II official funeral later this year.

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