Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More guests arrive for Marie of Edinburgh's wedding

January 9, 1893

Sigmaringen is "rapidly filling with royal personages from all over Europe," all of whom have come to the tiny southern German town to "witness the marriage" of the Crown Prince of Romania and Princess Marie, eldest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh.

King Carol of Romania, the bridegroom's uncle, arrived earlier this morning.  He was given a "hearty welcome" by local residents.  He spent only a short amount of time at the train station before he got into a carriage for the short drive to Schloss Sigmaringen, where his brother resides.

Shortly after King Carol arrived, the "saloon train" carrying Kaiser Wilhelm II pulled into the station from Berlin.  He also received "a most enthusiastic reception."  

At Schloss Sigmaringen, Wilhelm II conferred on the Duke of Edinburgh, the position of "Grand Admiral of the German Navy.  He also brought with him the uniform of a Grand Admiral, which was presented to the Duke, the second son of Queen Victoria.

Princess Marie is half-Russian, as her mother, Marie Alexandrovna, is the daughter of the late Alexander II.    The Princess is "said to be Russian in her tendencies," and she possesses a strong character, stronger than Crown Prince Ferdinand's.  She is expected to wield  some influence in Romania, and is expected that when Ferdinand succeeds his uncle as king, Romania will be supporting Russian.

It is understood that the Duke of Edinburgh has secure "the written consent" of King Carol who will not remarry "in the event of of Queen Elisabeth's death." This consent will protect Ferdinand's position as heir to the Romanian throne.

Crown Prince Ferdinand is the second son of Prince Leopold, the Prince of Hohenzollern, who is King Carol's elder brother.

Ferdinand became Carol's heir in 1888 after the renouncements of Prince Leopold and his eldest son, Prince Wilhelm.  King Carol's only child, Princess Marie, died in 1874 from diphtheria.

Princess Marie and Crown Prince Ferdinand will be married tomorrow.

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