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HRH Crown Prince Alexander about the restitution of the Monarchy and his relationship with parties in power and opposition parties

28 January 2013

“Danas” DAILY
By Jelena Tasic

 HRH Crown Prince Alexander about the restitution of the Monarchy and his relationship with parties in power and opposition parties

The “return” of members of Karageorgevitch Family must not be a compensation

The coordinated activities of officials, Church and the Royal House are perfectly natural and most welcome, and I commend that
- The return of the remains my father King Peter is without any doubt a big step towards national and historical reconciliation. However, regarding the restitution of the monarchy, it (re)opens the issue in public by default. Nothing happens by default, life taught me this lesson. Everything, especially important issues, needs a lot of background work. King Peter's homecoming is one of the things that also didn't happen by default, but it happened thanks a lot of background work and planning, says for “Danas” Crown Prince Alexander.

In Your opinion is there an interest in the political circles and among people of Serbia becoming the parliamentary monarchy, on which values and advantages You are constantly reminding us of?

  - Political circles are always preoccupied with their own political issues, and we never lack of them. On the other hand, people are preoccupied with their own every day struggle for survival. I do not blame any of those two groups, but I am here to remind constantly, that we have some positive solutions.

Please share your thoughts with us regarding the fact that ex-communists and radicals are bringing back the Royal Family members remains in the country, while the problem was not solved during governments that came from DOS that you have helped be created, even though declared monarchists were part of them?

     - As far as people are driven by prejudices, they have limited minds, however they call themselves. It is not enough to call yourself a democrat to be one. Also, on the other hand, it is not a shortfall if your name is or was something else, as far you are doing well and right. Deeds speak much louder than words.

 Many are seeing the return of remains the late King , Your father as coming together of Church, State and Dynasty on a joint historical assignment. Opposition including SPO that held in its program reinstating monarchy has stayed silent, except for Professor Antic’s remarks on possibilities for the restitution of the Monarchy. How do you comment on that ?

      - The joint efforts of parties in power, the Church and the Royal House are perfectly natural and most welcome, not only in this particular case, but in all other important issues. My good will is well known, I am here and my doors are open.Professor Antic's contribution in the state board and in bringing back Prince Paul last October and my father King Peter II last week was tremendous. I do not intend to interpret his words, but he is a good example of a person who is at the same time loyal to the President and willing to help to repair historical injustices towards the Royal Family. He shows by personal exmple that one thing does not exclude the other.

How much these kind of occassions are helping current authorities to improve the image and the international status of the country ?

 - The more positive messages we send from Serbia to the world, the better. We must use and grab every opportunity. We have to create the opportunities, in the modern world we have to take destiny in our hands and be proactive. The public image of countries, nations, is not solely about the real content. In the modern world, it is pretty much about the image you create and ability to "sell it" to others. Unfortunately, due to the series of tragic circumstances and events, we still struggle with our own image. On the other hand, I am absolutely certain that the Royal tradition comes naturally to Serbia and is constantly helping to improve its image within the international community.

Can the return of members of the Royal Family and state funeral in Oplenac be a distraction from the “painful compromises” that authorities are making regarding Kosovo and Metohija?

- The State funeral is an important event for itself, and could not be a compensation for something else. We do not have to excuse ourselves to anybody for commemorating and respecting our own history. On the other hand, such event could not be an excuse for ourselves not to do some important and difficult things.

  The long-term strategy is needed for Kosovo

Why haven’t you publicly stated anything on Kosovo solutions, that is not only the political but national and state issue of outmost importance, and now becomes a territorial integrity issue of Serbia?

 - It is very important for all of us to understand that sometimes there are some issues, problems, and that their solutions take much longer than one or two political terms (in-between elections), or even longer than a human life. The Kosovo issue seems to be like that. Therefore, it is very important to have a national strategy, plan, consensus upon which the opinion of all leaders will agree (not only politicians, but also SANU, SPC….). The difference between politicians on one side, and monarchy and church on other is the perception of time. For the last two there is always life after elections, and accordingly all the issues are observed, perceived and treated. The fact that King Peter I is known as the liberator of Kosovo in 1912/13 is just the final result of the efforts that started in 1804, with the continuation of more than 100 years regardless of the Serbian dynasties that were in power during that time. There was a national strategy, very clear, and finally the goal was achieved. History teaches us constantly, we only tend to forget. Therefore politicians should have a plan which will continue even if some other party comes to power in the next round. Louis XIV said on his deathbed: "I am leaving now, but the state will remain eternally".



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