Monday, January 7, 2013

Francis of Teck to marry a brewer's daughter?

January 7, 1893

London society is anticipating an official confirmation of the "reported engagement of Prince Francis of Teck, 2nd son of the Duke of Teck and brother of Princess Mary, to Miss Nellie Bass, only child of Lord Burton, the head of the Bass ale firm, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Miss Bass is said to be the "wealthiest heiress" in England with an income of $1,500,000 a year.

Prince Francis, said to a be "handsome young fellow," has an "acute experience of the want of money."  His father has been "pulling the devil by the tail."  Prince Francis, who has no real private income, is "determined to marry an heiress at all costs."

Unfortunately, for Prince Francis, whose sister was the fiancee of the late Duke of Clarence -- and many believe she will now marry his brother, the Duke of York -- the Bass family is "still connected with brewing," and Lord Burton's title is not of ancient lineage

It is unlikely that Queen Victoria will give her assent to the marriage because she has always disliked the Duke of Teck because of his "personal peculiarities."  She is unlikely to allow Francis to marry a "Mushroom Peer's daughter.

The marriage has the approval of the Prince and Princess of Wales and the young couple themselves.

Prince Francis understands the position he is in.  To put it simply, he will "give up the Bass project" if his family can find him a bride "of suitable rank adequately endowed with gold."

Miss Bass is "worthy of a better fate" as she is "both pretty and good."

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