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Bavarian royal marriage dissolved

January 17, 1913

The marriage of Prince and Princess Georg of Bavaria was dissolved earlier today by "special session of the Bavarian Supreme Court," reports the New York Times by special cable.

The Princess will resume her title Archduchess Isabella of Austria. 

The couple were married last February 10 in a "splendid state ceremonial" at Schönbrunn Palace in the presence of Emperor Franz Joseph.

After they returned from their honeymoon, where they spent most of their time quarreling, the newlyweds returned to Munich.  Isabella remained in her new home for three days before she fled to Vienna and her mother,  Archduchess Isabella, returned to her mother, Archduchess Isabella, wife of Archduke Friedrich, and refused to return to her husband.  

Isabella was persuaded to return to her husband as both families tried to arrange for a reconciliation.  This proved to be unsuccessful, and Isabella left Munich for the final time.

Prince Georg's father, Prince Luitpold, traveled to Vienna to make a final effort to bring Isabella back, but he failed.  It was inevitable that the marriage would be ended by the courts.

Prince Georg and Archduchess Isabella have very different personalities.  The Archduchess is said to have been "subjected by members of the Bavarian royal house," which some feel "were the cause of the rupture."

The marriage was ended on the ground of "incompatibility based upon fundamental differences of character."

Prince Georg, 32, is the grandson of the Regent of Bavaria.  Archduchess Isabella is 24 years old.

Members of both families tried to bring about a reconciliation, but this proved unsuccessful. if you liked this article

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