Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Archduchess Eleonore renounces rank and rights at marriage

January 9, 1913

Archduchess Eleonore of Austria is now a mere Mrs.  Frau von Kloss.    The eldest daughter of Archduke Karl Stephan,  Eleonore was married earlier today to Naval Lieutenant Alfons von Kloss, reports the New York Times.

Von Kloss fell in love with the young archduchess "when he commanded her father's yacht."

The couple were married in the "quaint old chapel" at Oaybusch, Galicia,  the family's country estate. 

Only a few guests were invited to the wedding.   Eleonore wore a "simple white frock."

Archduchess Eleonore renounced all of "her family rights and rank," in order to marry Lt. von Kloss. 

They will spent their honeymoon in a "lonely villa" near Polo on the Adriatic.  Lt. von Kloss will return to his ship in three weeks.

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