Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zita in hospital for surgery

April 25, 1942

Former Empress Zita of Austria is in Doctors' Hospital in New York City, "for an operation," according to the Chicago Tribune.  She came from her "home in exile in Quebec" to enter the hospital.

Zita is the widow of Emperor Karl of Austria, who lost the throne after the end of the first world war in November 1918.  Their eldest son, Archduke Otto, is the pretender to the Austrian throne.

The reason for Zita's surgery has not been announced.

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John said...

How interesting. Doctor's Hospital was a few blocks away from where I live. It was considered a swanky hospital, as well it should since it served the residents in the tony East 80's and East End Avenue. Sadly, it was torn down and now a modernistic condo stands in it's place. The smallest units are in the millions, it's a spectacular building. But, not as interesting as the old hospital, where such august personages (like The Empress) were cared for!