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Princess Lydia of Arenberg marries Italian duke

April 30, 1928

Princess Lydia of Arenberg and the Prince Filiberto, Duke of Pistoia were married in Turin in civil and religious ceremonies today, according to the Associated Press. The civil ceremony took place at the Palace, and was performed by Signor Tittoni, the President of the Senate.

This was followed by the Roman Catholic service at the Cathedral in the presence of members of the Italian royal family and the princely house of Arenberg and "others of the nobility."

Crown Prince Umberto and the Prince of Udine were the witnesses for the bridegroom. The Prince de Ligne and Lydia's brother, Prince Engelberg-Charles, were witnesses for the bride. The Prince of Udine is the bridegroom's elder brother, Prince Ferdinando, who is the heir to the dukedom of Genoa.

Cardinal Gamba, in his marital address, noted that King Umberto and Queen Margherita were also married in the same cathedral, and he "rejoiced that another member of the royal house" chose to marry in Turin.
Princess and Duchess Lydia of Arenberg was born in Brussels on April 1, 1905. She is the daughter of the Engelbert, the ninth duke of Arenberg and former Princess Hedwige de Ligne, daughter of Prince Charles de Ligne. The Duchess of Arenberg is related to Prince Albert de Ligne, who is Belgium's ambassador to the United States.

The Duke of Pistoia was born in Turin on March 10, 1895, a son of the late Prince Tommasso, Duke of Genoa and Princess Isabella of Bavaria.

The wedding luncheon was held at the Royal palace, and afterward, the Duke and Duchess of Pistoia departed for London.

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