Monday, April 23, 2012

Lord Leopold Mountbatten

April 23, 1922

Lord Leopold Mountbatten died this morning at Kensington Palace, reports the New York Times.  He was 32 years old.  

Lord Leopold was the youngest son of Princess Beatrice and the late Prince Henry of Battenberg.   His first cousin, King George V "has commanded that the Court shall wear mourning for fourteen days."

He died after undergoing an operation yesterday. 

When Lord Leopold was a student at Cambridge, when a friend said: "Jolly nice-looking  girl you were with - who was she?"

Lord Leopold responded: "Oh, no one in particular. Only my sister, the Queen of Spain."

In 1917, Leopold, along with other members of his family, dropped the title Prince of Battenberg, and became styled as Lord Leopold Mountbatten.

He was unmarried.

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