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Royal Marriage: Prussia-Oldenburg

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February 27, 1906

Duchess Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg and Prince Eitel Friedrich of Prussia were married today in the chapal of the Berlin Palace by Court Chaplain, Pastor Dryander.

Duchess Sophie Charlotte is the daughter of the Grand Duke of Oldenburg and Prince Eitel Friedrich is the second son of Kaiser Wilhelm II.

More than 500 guests, including members of German royal families attended the ceremony, according to the New York Times.

Empress Auguste Viktoria "placed the Princess's crown, of green velvet and diamonds, and wreath of fresh myrtle" on Duchess Sophie Charlotte's head.  The German empress also wore a wreath of myrtle.

Duchess Sophie Charlotte wore a "pearl white silk gown."  Her train, embroidered "with silver roses, was four yards in length.

The bride, "with pages bearing her train, entered the chapel on the arm of Prince Eitel.  

A reception in the White Hall and a dinner were held after the reception.

The evening culminated with the torch dance, which began at 8 p.m.  Twelve footmen carried candles "three feet in height."  They marched "two and two in advance of the imperial party, who walked around the vast ballroom, bowing to the 1,500 guests massed on three sides of the wall.

The new Princess Eitel took the arm of her father-in-law, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and "all the Princes, according to precedence," and led the procession around the room.  Prince Eitel Friedrich escorted his mother, and "all the other ladies of the imperial family in turn around the hall."

The couple were married in a civil ceremony earlier in the day in the Elector's Chamber.  Only members of the imperial family were present for this ceremony.

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