Friday, September 2, 2011

Serbia's Crown Prince said to visit America

September 2, 1907

According to information received from Europe, the Crown Prince of Serbia is making plans to visit the United States.  He is, says the Marquise de Fontenoy, "probably at this moment on the ocean."   Crown Prince George has spend the last few months traveling in France, Germany, Italy and England, "creating everywhere a far more favorable impression that might have been expected from the accounts which have been published in the foreign press regarding his Hooliganism and intolerance of every kind of restraint."

It seems that the prince's travels have "exercised a salutary and sobering effect upon his character."  His father, King Peter, has agreed to extend his "foreign sojourn" to include a trip around the world.

Crown Prince George is traveling incognito under the name Count Oreshatz.  He is expected to continue the incognito when he arrives in America.  He is traveling with one single "but trusted" officer, Major Markoff, and one man servant.

There is nothing to prevent the 20-year-old Crown Prince of Serbia from marrying an American girl.  The instability of the Serbian throne, as well as the "sanguinary scenes which immediately preceded the accession of King Peter four years ago" may make it difficult for the reigning houses of Europe "from consenting to a matrimonial alliance of their daughters with Crown Prince George."

King Milan and King Alexander were "obliged to seek a consort" from outside the "sovereign families of the old world.  It is also imperative that the Crown prince marry a rich woman.

There would be "all sorts of political objections and international complications" if George were to marry a "European of non royal rank."    But a marriage with an "American woman of wealth" would be popular in Serbia  and with the foreign governments.  His bride would have to convert to the Orthodox church, which has a lot in common with the Episcopal church in the United States. 

King Peter is said to be in frail health, and Crown Prince George may be called upon "at any time to succeed to the throne."   An American-born queen consort of Serbia  could have the effect of bringing into Serbia "some of that American capital and enterprise which are so necessary for its development into a prosperous, wealthy state."

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