Thursday, September 8, 2011

Royal messages for McKinley

September 8, 1901

Queen Regent Maria Cristina has wired President McKinley "an expression of her indignation at the outrage, and her wishes for his happy and speedy recovery," reports the New York Times.

The Rome correspondent for the London Daily News is reporting the following dispatch:  "Queen Margherita, upon hearing the news of the attempt upon the life of President McKinley, with tears in her eyes, said: "These things come hardest on the women, and at least poor Mrs. McKinley should have been spared.'"

In Britain, "there is genuine relief" over the "encouraging reports regarding President McKinley's condition and prospects of his recovery."   The New York Times adds "were King Edward lying wounded, popular feeling could scarcely be stronger or deeper."

The British sovereign "has shown keen anxiety" regarding the condition of the American president.  His first question when he arrived in Copenhagen was for news of the President's condition.  After arriving at Fredensborg,  King Edward sent the following telegram to the American ambassador.  "I rejoice to hear the favorable account of the President's health.  God grant that his life be preserved  Edward Rex."

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