Monday, September 5, 2011

Prince Hussain Aga Khan's marriage is over

Five years ago, Prince Hussain Aga Khan, the second son of the Aga Khan and his British wife, the former Sally Croker-Poole, wed Kristin White, the daughter of an American university professor.

[Prince Rahim is NOT DIVORCED. For information on his 8-31-2013 marriage to Kendra Spears, click here]

Hussain and Kristin met as graduate students at Columbia university, where both were working on masters' degrees.   Kristin converted to Islam and took the name Khaliya.  The marriage is childless

The Aga Khan, spiritual leader of the Ismalii Muslims, has been married twice.  His first marriage ended in dicorce.  He has been separated from his second wife, Gabriele, for eight years, and they have a young son, Aly Muhammed.

Hussain's sister, Zahra, is reported to be divorced from her British husband, Mark Boyden, while the eldest son, Prince Rahim, who will celebrate his 40th birthday on October 12, is unmarried.

However, perhaps a clue about the relationship between Hussain and Kristin was published in the New York Post in February, where it was reported that the princess had rented an apartment in the Richard Meir-designed condo at 165 Charles Street in New York City.  The monthly rent:  $19,500 a month!

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