Friday, September 9, 2011

Princess Victoria breeds cats!

September  9, 1905

Everyone knows that Queen Alexandra is a cat lover, but "has come as a surprise to a number of English women" that the queen's daughter, Princess Victoria, not only loves cats, but is also "an energetic and enthusiastic breeder as well."

The Chicago Daily Tribune reports that the princes breeds cats to earn money as her catteries "are worked on a solid commercial basis, and apparently with considerable profit to her private pocket."   The following announcement appears in a weekly paper:

"Her royal highness, Princess Victoria, has for sale several handsome chinchilla kittens. Sire, Puck III, ex-Chela, also Chola, splendid mother, lovely green eyes; blue Persian female; cheap to good homes; must sell.  Mrs. Amor, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park."

Mrs. Amor is an important member of the household staff at Cumberland Lodge.  Cheap, the paper reports, is a "relative term," as the prices for the kittens range from $25  to $100. 

Princess Victoria's cattery business has been deemed to be a success.

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