Friday, September 9, 2011

Princess Beatrice of York graduates

Princess Beatrice of York today graduated from Goldsmiths  College in London with a degree in history.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: "Princess Beatrice will over the coming months broaden her knowledge and experience to complement her position as a member of the Royal Family.

This will involve undertaking a number of internships to develop her experience, particularly in business and philanthropy."


Gary said...

Thanks as always Marlene. Two things I found interesting:
1. It does not seem that the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh attended. This is in striking contrast to their attendance at Prince William's graduation from St. Andrew's and his and his brother's passing out from Sandhurst.
2. The statement that her internships will complement her position as a member of the royal family seems to suggest that she will be a "working royal."

John said...

That's what I got from that too Gary. It makes sense to add another to the ranks of Working Royals, because some of the more senior members of the family might want to eventually scale back their number of engagements. If she behaves (and doesn't begin to take after that mother of hers) she might turn out to be a success. Certainly she knows already how to stimulate attention with wacky hats. If she can turn positive attention to good causes, all the better.