Friday, September 23, 2011

No revenge says Helene's lawyers

Princess Helene of Yugoslavia was not motivated by revenge when she recently spoke to French judge in regard to a police investigation of her estranged husband, Thierry Gaubert.    The couple, who married in 1988 and have three children, separated three years ago.  The princess was able to shed light on 1994-1995, when her husband would travel to Switzerland with large suitcases, and return to France with the suitcases filled with cash.

Helene spent "long hours" with the police on September 8.  Her testimony was kept confidential for several weeks.   One of Gaubert's friends, who learned of Helene's statement called Gaubert to let him know what Helene had said.

Gaubert was incredulous.  He did not want to believe what he was being told.  "It's not Helen who spoke directly to the police," he apparently told his friend.    But Brice Hortefeux, a former interior minister, said that yes, "it was Helene.  She knows.  She was very aware of your activities."  

Taken into policy custody, Gaubert later confirmed, after being confronted with a recording a conversation between his daughter, Natasia, and a friend, he told Natasia that he had "confirmation that the anonymous witness" was his wife, Helene.


Manon said...

She is certainly ruining her husband's life but also, for sure, the life of her daughters.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

It will be up to a jury, I presume, to determine Gaubert's guilt, but so far the evidene is damning