Monday, September 26, 2011

Milena Gaubert accuses her mother of seeking revenge

Milena Gaubert, the eldest child of Princess Helene of Yugoslavia and Thierry Gaubert, has accused her mother of wanting to exact revenge on her father.   Princess Helene was recently interviewed by the police investigating the Karachi scandal, and her statements  further implicated her estranged husband.

Milena, 23, told reporters: "A few months ago my mother told me she wanted to annoy my father."   She said her mother is suffering from depression.

"When I heard about the witness statements, I immediately realized it was her.  I went home, and ask 'How could you say such stupid things?'  My mother told verbatim: 'I do not care for truth. I want to piss off your father.'"

Milena, a student, said she was "very shocked" by her mother's statements, and she felt she no longer could "hold my peace.  I must speak."   She added that her mother has suffered from depression for many years, and has attempted suicide several times.  French news accounts note that Milena has admitted that she and her mother have not had a good relationship for many years.  Friends of Princess Helene have suggested that Milena and her sister are being guided by their father to "discredit his wife."

Investigators apparently have "numerous documents" to corroborate Helene's statements.   The Europe 1 journalist who interviewed Princess Helene on Saturday described the Princess as a woman who is "calm and composed, smiling," not the "neurotic depressive" described by her eldest daughter.   Helene told the reporter that she had received threats from her daughters, who are "manipulated" by their father.  The children live with Gaubert. 

Milena said her father was unaware that she planned to speak to the press.  "This has gone too far, it is too serious what has happened."  Milena added she had to go public with her comments.   "This is between my mother and I."

Thierry Gaubert, who served as Nicolas Sarkozy's adviser at the Department of the Budget (1993-1995) was indicted on September 21 for the "misuse of corporate assets" by Judge Renaud Van Ruymbeke.

Princess Helene's younger daughter, Natasia's telephone conversation with her boyfriend was intercepted by investigators.  She said to him that Gaubert said to her that if "your mother cracks, the whole family jumps.  He said, 'we are in shit.'  My father told my mother: 'no one will help me because everyone is in shit... Sarko, he even wants to help  ... if Sarko does not win in 2012, uh,  really they are all in trouble."   She is supportive of her mother. She also told her boyfriend that investigators found an account in Bahamas set by her father who had signed her mother's name.

Investigators acknowledge that they have evidence that Milena and Natasia have threatened their mother. They also have evidence, including bank account numbers, linking Thierry Gaubert to the Karachi scandal.

Princess Helene was interviewed exclusively by Europe 1 on Saturday.  "I confirm what I said about my husband's travel, especially travel abroad, and coming back with bags.  There was money, but I did not know where the money came from."  She said the travel concerned "my husband and Mr. Takieddine."

She spoke about how she was called to the police.  "I stayed for nine hours.  They had the truth.  They questioned me about the documents they had found during the search.  And much to my surprise, there were documents I signed because I trusted my husband.  These were quite incriminating documents.  I nearly fell off my chair."

She said she did not make the statement out of revenge.  "Not at all.  I'm still married.  I am not yet divorced, and it is not in my interest.  I have no score to settled in the history of my divorce."  She acknowledged the threats.  "Yes, I'm afraid.  I have pressure. I am not very quiet, no."
[Perhaps Milena and Natasia are worried about what will happen to their comfy lifestyle, parties, the last fashions, trips abroad, and so forth, and are not interested in what might turn out to be the truth.]

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