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Former Crown Prince wants to live near Amerongen

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September 9, 1919

Former Crown Princess Cecilie expects to remain on the Dutch island of Wieringen for five or six days, reports the New York Times.  She does not yet know the date of her departure, as the details are in the hands of the former Kaiser's  "Court Marshal at Amerongen, who determines her stay and must consult to Dutch government."

Her husband, former Crown Prince Wilhelm, has "requested permission to leave Wieringen" due to the island's bad climate and cold winters.  He has asked live at Baarn, which is "not too far from Amerongen."   His request is said to be "under consideration."

Earlier today, Cecilie "appeared in an elegant outing costume with a coquettish little hat."  Her hair was well styled but her "pale, tired face was in strange contrast to that of the Cecilie of pre-war days."  Her husband, however, "appears to be bursting with health and spirits after his long period of country life."
Cecilie brought with her the couple's two youngest sons, who also "look pale and thing.   Their eyes opened wide at the "rich food and creamy milk, which they had not seen a  long at Potsdam."  One of the little princes said that the milk there "was mostly water."

There are unsubstantiated rumors that the Princess "has had difficulty in obtaining sufficient nourishing food for her children," and she may have been forced to "live in rations, placing a guard in her kitchen."

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