Monday, September 12, 2011

Duke of Orléans snubbed

September 12, 1899

The Journal, a Paris newspaper, says that the Duke of Orléans is regretting the role he played in the Dreyfuss affair, stating that the "English royal family declined to attend the marriage of the son of the Duke of Chartres."    There are other signs that the Duke of Orléans is being snubbed as King Leopold II had "requested" that the Duke not stay in Belgium and the King of Italy has forbidden the Duke of Aosta, whose wife is the sister of the Duke of Orléans, to receive the Duke "if he comes to Italy."

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Gary said...

Quite right. I am pleased to learn that some of Europe's sovereigns were not in sympathy with the Duke's public support for the antisemitic conspirators, even if HRH's support was almost certainly not motivated primarily be antisemitism.