Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Duke of Gloucester's wedding date set

September 20, 1935

The Duke of Gloucester and the Lady Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott will be married at Westminster Abbey on November 6, according to an official announcement tonight at Balmoral Castle, where King George V and Queen Mary are staying.

King George V returns to Buckingham Palace on September 28 to attend a Privy Council meeting, where he will give formal consent to the marriage.

Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester

Westminster Abbey officials hae been "informed of the date and preliminary outlines of the ceremony are already under discussion."   

The memoirs of Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester

Lady Alice is a daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch and Queensberry.  She is an "arden sportswoman and an accomplished artist."   The Duke of Gloucester is the third son of King George and Queen Mary.  He has decided on an army career, and he has already passed his "examination for the rank of major," and will be promoted once there is a vacancy.  Presently, he is serving as a captain in the Sifty-fifth Lancers.


Rex said...


From what I have read it would seem that the Duke of Gloucester was a thickhead, often quoted as being "stolid"! My dictionary defines stolid as 'not easily excited or moved, phlegmatic (coolness, sluggishness, apathy), dull and impassive.' He seems to have inherited a good dose of Queen Alexandra's family genes - the Danish royals weren't known for their intellectual pursuits!

And, his marriage to Lady Alice would seem to be the result of Queen Mary's match-making after World War One when many of the European royal princesses were not seen as a suitable match due to their country's allegience against Great Britain. She arranged a similar match for Princess Mary with Lord Harwood.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I am not sure how much a role Queen Mary played in this relationship due to Lady Alice's age and her life experience. She was not a shy young woman. They certainly moved in the same circles - and lady Alice's sisters were also linked to Henry.