Thursday, September 29, 2011

Duke of Aosta attacked in Italian press

September 29, 1921

The Duke of Aosta has been violently attacked in Rome newspapers, according to a dispatch to the London Times, and reported by the New York Times.   The criticism of King Vittorio Emanuele's cousin has created a "great sensation" in Rome.   The Duke is charged with "inspiring and protecting the Fascisti and striving to gain the throne with the support of certain Generals and other officers."    The Times adds that there have been "rumors of such a movement  in Italy for some time, ad it has been suggested that the Duke of Aosta, has been spreading discontent with the present regime of the carabinieri and the army generally."

There are also plans by the newspaper, Il Paesi, to carry out a campaign against the "royal leaders in the Italian Third Army."

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