Monday, September 12, 2011

The Duke and Duchess of Brunswick to live near the Kaiser

September 12, 1921

The New York Times'  Dutch correspondent has learned through a "reliable source" that the Duke and Duchess of Brunswick will live near former Kaiser Wilhelm II.  The Dutch government, however, continues to officially deny the "persistent rumor" that Wilhelm's only daughter,Viktoria Luise, and her husband, will settle in a house near Doorn.

Wilhelm, who has been alone since the death of his wife, Auguste Viktoria, earlier this year, has purchased an estate from Jonkheer van Amerongen at Woudenbourg.   The house will be "rebuilt and renovated" for the Brunswicks, who will be staying at Doorn until October, when their new home will be ready.

It is an "open secret" that the former Kaiser has been attempting to "persuade" Viktoria Luise to live with him.  After the death of his wife, he reportedly would not allow Viktoria Luise to return to Germany for several weeks.   She has returned to Doorn with her children, whom Wilhelm adores.  

Prince and Princess Adalbert are expected to visit Doorn in October.

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