Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crown Princess Frederika accepts sponsorship

September 21, 1941

Crown Princess Frederika of Greece "has accepted sponsorship for Greek participation" in a demonstration of the "cultures of ten of the occupied countries of Europe and Asia.  The exhibit will be held at the eighteenth annual Women's National Exposition at the Grand Central Palace Hotel, during the week of October 27.

The Crown Princess is now in South Africa with her husband, Crown Prince Paul. They fled to South Africa after the German invasion of Greece.   She will be represented by Mrs. Kimon Diamantopoulos, the wife of the Greek minister in Washington, D.C., reports the New York Times.

Crown Princess Martha of Norway, who is now living in the United States with her three children, will be "the sponsor of the Norwegian exhibit.

The other nations that will be represented in the exhibit are China, Poland, Denmark, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands and Free France.

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