Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crown Prince Umberto reaches his majority

September 15, 1925

Crown Prince Umberto of Italy celebrated his twenty-first birthday today.  According to the Italian constitution, he is now a member of the Italian senate.   Umberto is the youngest member of the Senate, as all "others must be forty years old to be eligible."     He will be sworn in at the next session,

According to the New York Times, the prince "spent his birthday quietly" with family at Racconigi," where the arrangements are being made for his sister, Princess Mafalda's wedding to Prince Philipp of Hesse.   The princess' wedding will be "celebrated in strict privacy" at the royal chapel at Racconigi.  The guests will include about a half a dozen royal princes, "representing as many reigning royal houses."  About one hundred guests are expected to attend the wedding.

Now that he has reached his majority,  the Crown Prince will soon take up residence "in a royal palace at Turin with his own personal household."

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