Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cecilie creates stir at island

September 8, 1919

Former Crown Princess Cecilie created a "considerable stir" when she and two of her sons arrived at on the Dutch island of Wieringen. 

The two boys, "pale and tired by their long journey" were put to bed in a "cozy room" at the mayor's house.  Cecilie and her husband, former Crown Prince Wilhelm,  strolled through the village, made a few purchases and visited the "small fishing harbor.

According to the New York Times' report, the visit "was marked by fine weather on this otherwise bleak and storm-swept island."   Wilhelm, the eldest son of the former Kaiser, was up early when his family arrived.  The children "leaped from the car," and kissed their father. 

The former Crown Prince's home is rather humble.   When the local mayor asked Cecilie how she found the "humble dwelling," she responded "Oh quite nice: much better than I had expected."

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