Monday, September 19, 2011

Bulletin: Grand Duke Constantine dying

September 19, 1889

The New York Times is reporting that Grand Duke Constantine, uncle of the Russian emperor Alexander III, is dying.  The Grand Duke "suffered a stroke of paralysis" two months.  He remains conscious, but is unable to speak.

Grand Duke Constantine Nicolaeivitch was born on September 9, 1827, the second son of Tsar Nicholas and his wife, Alexandra, who was born Princess Charlotte of Prussia.

On September 11, 1848, Grand Duke Constantine married Princess Alexandra of Saxe-Altenburg.   She converted to Russian Orthodoxy, and took the name Alexandra Iosifovna.   They had six children,  Grand Duke Nicholas, now in exile in Tashkent,  Grand Duchess Olga, who is married to King George  of the Hellenes,  Grand Duchess Vera, the widow of Duke Eugen of Württemberg, Grand Duke Dimitri, and Grand Duke Vyacheslav, who in 1879 at the young age of sixteen.

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