Monday, October 24, 2022

Prince Ferdinand of Schwarzenberg to Marry Marie Friling


HSH Prince Ferdinand of Schwarzenberg is engaged to marry Marie Friling  The couple lives in Prague.

Miss Friling is the daughter of  Belgian-born Antoine Friling and Nicole von Oswald.    ​Antoine is a founding partner of Praxis Private Office with offices in Antwerp and Buenos Aires and of F&S Investment Office.   He is also a member of the Board of Directors of SIPEF, a Belgian agribusiness group.

Marie's mother, Nicole is the daughter Johann-Christoph von Oswald and Baroness Johanna Mayr von Melnhof.  She married Antoine Friling in 1985 at Attersee, Austria.  Marie,  who was born on November 10, 1992, is the third of four children.  She has an older sister, Charlotte, and an older brother, Christoph, and a younger brother, Alexandre.

Through her mother, Marie is a descendant of Archduke Johann Baptist of Austria (1782-1859) and Anne Marie  Plochl (1804-1885).  This marriage was morganatic.  Johann was the younger brother of Emperor Franz I.  They were grandsons of Empress Maria Theresia.  Franz gave the title Baroness von Brandhofen to Anna shortly after her marriage.  In 1850, she was elevated to a countess when Emperor Franz Josef gave her the title Countess of Meran.  The title of Count or Countess of Meran continues with Johann and Anna's male line descendants. 

Archduke Johann and Countess Anna had one son, Count Franz Ludwig Johann Baptist von Meran (1839-1891).  He married in 1862 to Countess Theresa von Lamberg,

Maria Theresa - Leopold II -- Johann Baptist -- Count Franz von Meran  -- Count Johann von Meran -- Countess Maria Anna von Meran  -- Baroness Johanna Mayr von Melnhof -- Nicole von Oswald -- Marie Friling.

The future princess works in the fashion industry.  For nearly 5 years, she was the co-owner and CEO of Thelma & Louise, a women's clothing brand based in Antwerp.  The business was closed down in May 2022.

HSH Prince Ferdinand Karl Friedrich Johann Nepomuk Jakob Alexius was born in Zurich on November 17, 1989.  He is the younger and only surviving child of the late HSH Prince  Friedrich Karl Joseph Johannes von Nepomuk Antonius Bartholomäus Felix Judas Thaddäus Conrad von Parzham (1940-2014) and Regula Brigitta Schlegel.   Ferdinand's older sister, Princess Marie-Helene died in 2019 at the of 33.

He has a BA in European Studies and a MA in Arts and Heritage Policy from Maastricht University.  The Prince is the head of Region at Porsche Central and Eastern Europe.   The Prince is the nephew of  HSH Karl Johannes, the 12th Prince of Schwarzenberg, and the second in line of succession.   The Prince of Schwarzenberg's only son the Hereditary Prince Johannes of Schwarzenberg, 55, has been married twice but does not have any children.  

Prince Ferdinand and Miss Friling have several ancestral lines in common.

The date of the wedding has not been announced.