Saturday, December 11, 2021

The Imperial Wedding and Christmas cards

HSH Princess Victoria Romanovna Romanov has shared with me their wedding and Christmas cards that she and HIH Grand Duke George have sent out.  Lovely images.     This is the first Christmas together as husband and wife.  The lovely dog is Zhong. 


Christina O. said...

The Christmas card is lovely and the greeting in multiple languages, with Russian first, is a nice touch. I had made out "с Рождеством Христовым" (Merry Christmas in Cyrillic) but couldn't spell out what came next. Then I read the next line, in English, and it was understood.

Can you tell us, Marlene, about the insignia included on both cards? Is that a Cyrillic letter topped with a flourish or crown?

Jake said...

It is a crowned G and V in the Cyrillic alphabet (G looks like upside-down L and V looks like a B.

Christina O. said...

Thank you (Спасибо), Jake!