Monday, December 13, 2021

Case closed for Juan Carlos' Saudi Money laundering scheme

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 Geneva prosecutors have "closed a probe into five people suspected of money laundering in a case that looked at donations" by the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to former King Juan Carlos of  Spain.

The case was opened in 2018 after reports whether King Juan Carlos "had received illicit bribes to a high-speed train contract in Saudi Arabia."  This contract had been awarded to a Spanish-Saudi consortium.

Prosecutors, according to the Bloomberg report, zoomed in on a $100 million payment that the Saudi King  ordered paid to a Swiss bank "held by a foundation of which the king was the main beneficiary."

The case has been closed after prosecutors found that Abdullah's payment "was not linked to wrongdoing.  Their investigation "didn't sufficiently establish a link between the amount received from Saudi Arabia and the conclusion of contracts for the construction of the high-speed train,"  according to a statement released by the prosecutors' office.

The names of the five people have never been released due to Swiss law.

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