Monday, December 13, 2021

Orders for Grand Duke George and Princess Victoria Romanovna


All photos @David Niviere

HIH Grand Duke George of Russia and his wife, HSH Princess Victoria Romanovna were in Paris on December 10 to attend a mass in memory of Grand Duke George's maternal grandparents, TIH Grand Duke Wladimir, and Grand Duchess Leonida.  The service took place at the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral where  Metropolitan John of Dubna awarded the Order of Saint Alexander Nevsky to Grand Duke George and the Order of St. Mary Mother of  God to Princess Victoria for her charitable works.

Princess Victoria Romanovna said she was "deeply moved"  to receive the Order of St. Mary Mother of God.

Members of ANRF, the Russian noble association in France and President, Prince
 Beloselsky Belozersky.

All photos @David Niviere
Prince Beloselsky Belozersky.  

Thank you to HSH Princess Victoria Romanovna for allowing me the use of the photographs.

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Wendy Hunter said...

Congratulations to both of them. And although I probably shouldn’t say this about a solemn religious service, doesn’t she look smashing!