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A Christmas baby

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 December 25, 1936

"HRH the Duchess of Kent was safely delivered of a daughter at 11:20 this morning.  Her Royal Highness and the infant Princess are doing excellently."

A few hours was another announcement that the Duchess and the infant Princess were "going on very well."

This is the second child for the Duke and Duchess of Kent.  Their son, Prince Edward was born in October 1935.

The Home Secretary Sir John Simon was summoned to Belgrave Square shortly before 10: a.m.    As The Times noted,  "constitutionally the Home Secretary must be present for the birth."  

The Duchess of Kent's parents,  Prince and Princess of Nicholas of Greece and Denmark were also present.  The news of the birth was "conveyed" to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth and other members of the Royal family who are at Sandringham for the Christmas holiday.

The "happy event" was announced by the firing of guns at the Park and Tower.

Queen Mary, the infant Princess' paternal grandmother confided to other family members:  "The only nice thing to have happened this year."   Her husband, King George V,  died at Sandringham House on January 20.   Their eldest son, David, the Prince of Wales, succeeded as Edward VIII, but he chose to put his love for Mrs. Simpson before his constitutional duty as King.    He abdicated on December 11 and is now living in exile in France, and has been given the title Duke of Windsor.

George V's second son, Prince Albert, Duke of York succeeded his brother as King George VI.  He and his wife, Elizabeth, have two young daughters, Princess Elizabeth, 10, and six-year-old Princess Margaret.   

The new Infant Princess is 6th in line to the throne.

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L'Artisan said...

So lovely how she was given "Christabel" as one of her middle names, to commemorate her birth on Christmas Day.