Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Princess Xenia of Croy to marry an Italian nobleman

HSH Princess Xenia of Croy and Nobile Guy delle Piane became engaged in early June at Guy's family's summer home on the Mediterranean island of Elba.  The couple is also expecting a baby in August.

Xenia Maria Alexandra Agnes Gabrielle Camilla who was born at Münster on December 26. 1990, is the second of six children of HSH Rudolf, Duke of Croy and his late wife, Alexandra  Miloradovich.   Guy is the eldest son of Giuseppe delle Piane, Nobile di Polcevara and his late wife  Donna Stefania dei Marchesi d'Afflitto.

 Guy  was born at Genoa on July 23, 1985.  Several sources state 1983 as the year of birth.

The delle Piane family is an ancient Italian noble house that goes back to the 13th century.

The princess' paternal grandmother, Princess Gabrielle of Bavaria, who died in April 2019, was the fifth of six children of Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria (1869-1955)  and his second wife, Princess Antonia of Luxembourg(1899-1954),  fourth daughter of Grand Duke Wilhelm IV of Luxembourg and Infanta Marie Anne of Portugal.

Princess Xenia and Guy live in London.   The groom-to-be has a Master's in International Management, Finance from the Management Development Institute, and a second Master's degree in European Business at ESCP Europe.  He also spent a semester at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.  He currently is a Principal with Snowball Holdings, a private investment holding company.

Princess Xenia has diversified and international education experience, including exchange semesters at the Sorbonne in Paris and Richmond, the American University of London.    She received a Bachelor's in International Affairs from Vesalius College, an English language college in Belgium, and Master's degrees in Management and International management form the IE Business School.   She is the European Community Manager for The ImPact.

The princess also has American ancestry through her American great-great-grandmother, Nancy Leishman (1894-1983),  the daughter of John George Alexander Leishman and Julia Crawford.   John Leishman was an American diplomat, who served as Ambassador to Turkey (1901-1909), Italy (1909-1911), and Germany(1911-1913).   Nancy and Prince KarlRudolf (13th Duke of Croy) were married in October 1913, despite the opposition from members of his family, including his aunt, Isabella, the wife of Archduke Friedrich, Duke of Teschen, and Kaiser Wilhelm II.  Ambassador Leishman left his position due to the Kaiser's position on the marriage. 

A special thanks to the kind person who alerted me to the news of this engagement.


ImKervin said...

Is the Princess from the French or German Royal families? I get conflicting results when I read about her.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Her father is the Duke of Croy, they live in Germany. It is a mediatized family with roots in Belgium, but there are different branches.